Why Wellness, Not Hustling Harder, is the Key to Success


Ambition is a beautiful thing. It gets us out of bed in the morning, gives us a sense of purpose and direction, and it draws amazing ideas and innovation out of our minds and into the world. However, the “hustle” has become something of a glamorized lifestyle for ambitious individuals. With 45% of Americans having a side job for additional income and nearly half of Millennials working as freelancers, it’s no wonder that so many have adopted this hustler mindset of “don’t stop until you reach your goal”— we are all working so hard these days, and we want to give it our all to make the effort pay off. 

The problem is, when we put work before everything else, we experience way more stress, our physical and mental health decline, our relationships suffer, and our motivation comes in frustrating all-or-nothing waves. When we pour everything we have into work, burnout is inevitable, making it nearly impossible to bring our A-game to our goals on a consistent basis. (Not to mention, burnout just doesn’t feel good!)

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This is why a wellness practice is the key to unlocking potential and moving steadily towards your goals. It is critical to make time for yourself every day to provide your body & brain the rest, nourishment, and movement that it needs to be strong, healthy, and energized. It’s also critical that you take time to slow your racing thoughts, acknowledge and manage any stress or anxiety you’re feeling, and make time for non-work related hobbies that energize you— and for some fun! 

We are human, and taking care of our needs in these ways sets us up for a snowballing effect of wins in our career and in our confidence. After all, when we feel our best, we’re able to perform our best at work. When we’re performing our best, we move closer to our goals and build confidence. Confidence opens so many doors to new opportunities in both career and personal life! 

An 8, 6, or even a 4-hour workday where you’ve shown up rested, energized, focused, creative, and clear-headed is always going to be more productive than a 12-hour workday where you’re anxious, scatter-brained, exhausted, overwhelmed, or struggling to prioritize your tasks. When you put your wellness first, you give your best self space to shine and to embark on that positive trajectory for whatever your version of “success” looks and feels like.

Above all, it is important to remember that work is not the point of life, and that your self-worth is not tied to your professional achievements or to the number of hours you log. Doing work that feels purposeful is only one aspect to the most important goal of all: living a fulfilling life. So start with wellness, and watch yourself thrive.

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About Fredi: 
Fredi is helping women put their wellness first so they can achieve more in their careers. The company’s first product is an all-natural daily supplement that helps you feel sharp, collected, and energized all day long! Fredi was founded by a sister-brother team who share passions for wellness, entrepreneurship, challenging themselves to be the best they can be, and empowering others to do the same. When Chelsea’s passion for empowering innovative women through her company, Launch It Girl met Mitch’s passion for holistic wellness derived from a few back-breaking moments experienced during his high-pressure career on Wall Street, Fredi was born. 




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