'Tis the [Sex] Season


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Ho, ho…ho? For some people, this winter may result in your highest sex drive yet. For others, a change in seasons often means a change in your libido. Hello sexual hibernation, we meet again old friend. 

Studies indicate that there are peak “sex drive seasons.” More sunlight, longer days, less clothing and habitual drinking of hard seltzer during the summer contributes to peaks in estrogen levels, while testosterone levels tend to be highest in the fall and lowest during the summer. Hmm. Maybe there is something special about all those Jack-o-lanterns… 

Whether you’re heading into winter on a high, on a low, or on a “just right,” here are 3 easy ways to balance out your libido and make this winter the most wonderful time of the year: 

  1. Get some Vitamin D - The sun might be limited, but try to get some face time in. A little Vitamin D supplement doesn’t hurt either. It’ll boost your energy and your mood. More energy, more… you get it. 
  2. Avoid being too cozy - The Jogger Pant is essentially Time Magazine’s Thing of the Year but put that aside. Shake out of those sweatpants and comfy pajama-adjacent leggings. You’ll get energized by dressing up and putting some effort into your look. A few jumping jacks never hurt anyone either. Whatever you choose, change up your stimuli. 
  3. Just do it (yourself) - Sorry Nike, we’re not talking about beating a marathon in under 2 hours. Make time for intimacy with yourself. Whether it's enjoying a longer shower, using that fancy new lotion all over your body, or simply masturbating, it’s important to remember that there’s a beautiful body underneath those joggers (see #2). For further inspiration and a great laugh, read our piece on spanking.

Bonus: If you’re simply not in the mood - that’s okay, too. Listen to your body. We just like giving you and your mojo options. 

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