Journaling 101: Presented By Liberate


Liv here from Liberate to talk about journaling. The benefits of journaling are truly endless. Incorporating a regular journaling practice into your life can boost your mood, improve your relationships, drive creativity, improve memory, and even bring more joy, gratitude, and love to your life. Journaling can help create distance between ourselves and our thoughts, generating newfound clarity and a greater sense of calm. The University of Rochester Medical Center also backs these claims. Not only does sitting back and writing about your day serve as a nice way to unwind, but it also helps manage anxiety, reduce stress, and serves as a session of self-reflection. Unsurprisingly, putting pen to paper also helps boost memory as you recount the day’s events. 

Does journaling intimidate you? You’re not alone. Try these tips to start your practice.


  1. Set a time. Decide to always journal in the morning or at night to set yourself up for the best chances of sustaining this new routine. Journaling in the morning is a wonderful way to free your mind from any worries and start the day off fresh, and journaling at night can help soothe your mind before heading off to sleep. Try out both to see which time of day works best for you! 
  2. Make it natural. If you practice yoga every morning, build journaling into this practice so that you finish your flow with journaling, writing affirmations or whatever comes to you. If you drink coffee every morning, journal with your coffee! The goal is to tie journaling to an existing habit and make it feel natural within your day. Before you know it, this practice will become as intuitive as brushing your teeth. 
  3. Time it. If you don’t know what to write, set a timer for two minutes and begin writing whatever comes to mind. If all you can think of is “I don’t know what to write”, that’s ok! Write that over and over until you think of something else. I promise it will come!
  4. Keep it simple. For the days you feel uninspired, lean on gratitude. Writing about what you’re thankful for will lift your spirits and get your thoughts flowing on the days you’re tired or filled with self-doubt.
  5. Try a guided practice for more support and inspiration. If you’re interested in the practice but don’t know where to start and would love some guidance, try this 10 Day self-guided Journaling Journey

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What you’ll need:

  • Journal or paper
  • Pen or pencil 
  • An open mind 

Our most important tip is to have fun with it! Mindfulness work should never be stressful. The moment you start journaling, be proud of yourself for doing something kind for your mind and taking steps to become the best you. There’s no “right” way to do this!

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About Olivia Bowser:

Liv is the CEO & Founder of Liberate, the first-ever mental wellness studio with group classes designed to expand and empower you. A Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, she’s on a mission to mainstream mental wellness and bring human beings together on our journey to become our best selves. https://www.liberatestudio.com/ 

About Liberate: 

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